Gather Truly Insightful Data About Your Prospects and Customers


Webinar Replay: How to Create Powerful Event Experiences

From registration to on-site attendance attendee behaviors, the partnership of Validar and Certain allows you to capture and leverage rich attendee data to personalize the event experience and improve sales and marketing follow-up.

Replay this webinar featuring Victor Kippes, CEO of Validar, and Tim Schmanski, Chief Solutions Architect at Certain

What you’ll learn:

  • How to improve your attendee experiences
  • Gain greater lead intelligence
  • Deliver powerful and measurable event results
  • Improve sales and marketing follow-up


Victor Kippes is CEO of Validar Inc., a B2B lead management company that specializes in events. Much of Validar’s value proposition is based upon Victor’s experience as a receiver of leads. He has been in a sales role for over 20 years both as a direct contributor and as the leader of a large enterprise sales team. He is a recovering sales leader who understands very well the challenges marketing and sales leaders face specific to demand generation and lead management. If you are a marketing leader interested in understanding and articulating your true value, or a sales leader interested in improved conversions and pipeline growth, Validar and Victor are there for you. You can follow Victor on Twitter at @vkippes.

Tim Schmanski - Chief Solutions Artichect -- is responsible for communicating and demonstrating Certain technology and product strategy.  Tim plays a key role in providing customer insight to the product development process and provides expert level, hands-on capability on all aspects of the Certain platform with the ability to effectively connect strategic vision, business practice, customer needs and software implementation.   

Brad Kofoed - Vice President, Partners & Alliances -- is responsible for overseeing all channel and alliance partner programs including Certain Meeting & Event partner programs including Certain Meeting & Events partners, SuccesHub partner ecosystem, integrated ISV partners, Certain Certified Service partners, Certified Marketing Advisors and strategic alliances.