Learn How to Use Technology to Power Great Events

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Essential Guide to Successful Events

The events industry is increasingly complex in nature. Meeting and event planners need flexible solutions that can handle the variety of meetings and events they manage and promote. Management means measuring success, driving more value, and responding to attendees’ needs.

Whether you handle a few complex events a year, or a stream of smaller, more strategic events, leveraging an event management and marketing solution is your best investment.

When evaluating an event management solution, an organization needs to make sure it will achieve their specific business objectives to drive attendance, increase value, and improve participants’ experience. From compliance codes to varying degrees of flexibility, this guide will assist you in powering great events, and understanding the key criteria that should be considered when making an event management software purchase decision.

What you'll learn:

  • Key trends in event management practices and technology
  • How to streamline event management and create more value for participants
  • Tips on selecting an event management platform