Download The Guide: How to Accelerate Sales and Grow Pipeline with Events

Learn How Dealertrack Accelerated Sales by Pre-scheduling Appointments with Event Automation
With over a billion dollars in revenue, Dealertrack is a leader in digital solutions for the automotive industry. Every year, Dealertrack exhibits at National Automotive Dealers Association Connect Conference (NADA), which attracts 22,000 attendees annually. This year, Dealertrack’s booth at NADA spanned almost 10,000 square feet, containing 64 demo stations and 15 meeting rooms. Dealertrack needed a solution that would cut down on attendee registration time, enable them to scale their event presence, and increase booth attendance.

In the case study, learn how event automation enables you to:

  • Effortlessly manage 900 pre-scheduled appointments and hundreds of walk-in appointments

  • Increase booth attendance by 25%

  • Check-in pre-registered attendees in under 30 seconds
  • Provide detailed reporting and analytics that sync with Oracle Eloqua to demonstrate event ROI for your leadership team