Marketers are thinking cross-channel. But are they missing a critical link?


Adding the Final Link in the Integrated Marketing Chain

The prevailing mindset of today’s marketers is to take an integrated, cross channel approach to marketing. This approach is designed to be customer focused and to deliver personalized experiences across all channels. But many marketers admit their organizations are not set up to effectively deliver on this goal.

What’s more, events—which make up nearly one-third (or more!) of the total marketing budget—have often been completely left out of the cross-channel discussion and siloed into standalone programs.

From the book, Making Rain with Events, Peter Micciche, CEO of Certain, relays some key lessons for marketers as they look to implement a successful cross channel marketing strategy.


  • Why marketers are thinking cross-channel
  • Why events need to be in the mix
  • Considerations for successful integration of events into cross-channel marketing.
  • Tips for more engaging event experiences
  • Must-have features of event management technology for marketers
  • And more!