Looking for a Bigger Return on Your Big Event?


Webinar Replay: Boost Event ROI with the Help of Your Advocates

While investments in other traditional marketing activities are dwindling, events still make up more than one third of the average marketing budget at technology companies. At the same time, half of CMOs say they struggle to make a business case for them. What can they do to get more value from these events?

There is one event marketing strategy that marketers tend to overlook when planning to attend conferences, tradeshows and other events: their advocates. In this webinar, Scott and Jody will share how your biggest fans can help you achieve your goals while strengthening relationships with your customers, partners and other advocates.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • Why advocates are a must-have component before, during and after your next event
  • How to leverage advocates to build buzz, meet new potential customers, close deals, create compelling content and much more
  • What motivates advocates to help and how to keep them engaged


Scott Ingram
Strategic Account Executive at Certain

Jody Mooney
Director of Product Marketing at Influitive